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In our niche sector, we like to keep our clients close.

Here at Audiovisual Recruitment, we know better than anyone that we’re working within a very niche sector. We like to make sure that we’re covering everything that the industry might need, and that means we don’t shy away from moving into tech and IT roles.

If you’re looking for talent, you’re looking for us

As a small but experienced team, we provide the perfect service for all your audiovisual recruitment needs. We know how to find the best talent to fill your vacancy. And if we can’t, it won’t cost you a thing.

Once we’ve established what you’re looking for in a pool of candidates, we’ll work to build a shortlist that fits your brief. The goal is to streamline the process so that you can spend plenty of time on those all-important interviews.

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We know how to attract the best talent

While we’re here to help with the recruitment process, there’s one big thing we recommend you do once you have a shortlist. It’s all about communicating with your audience and leaving a positive impression of your business on all of your candidates.

So often, candidates engaging across the recruitment industry say that they’d like to receive more feedback from employers. And we think it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

If you reject a candidate and don’t say anything further, you can cause a number of knock-on effects:

• the candidate won’t come back, because they don’t know why you didn’t hire them in the first place.• the candidate won’t come back, because they don’t know why you didn’t hire them in the first place.

• through word-of-mouth reviews of your recruitment process, you can damage your reputation to prospective hires.

We find that giving even a small amount of feedback is vital for a positive candidate experience, and as we help you to attract the best talent in the industry, it would be great to see you properly engage with your candidates, giving them the “yes, because” or “no, because” that they deserve. It helps us keep the process moving; it helps you remain an employer of choice.

Membership & Affiliation Credentials

Keeping abreast of current legislation and worldwide industry standards is important to us.

We work with all types of audiovisual jobs

There’s no limit to what we’re able to cover at Audiovisual Recruitment. Through years working within our industry, we can confidently say that no matter what you’re hoping to find, we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again!

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We have a diverse and in-depth experience that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes providing an in-house resource to larger audiovisual integrators, being the sole supplier for growing business, and networking and consulting with other agencies to strengthen our industry.

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Google Rating
Based on 12 reviews